In my early experiments in Horizon, I tried to pack many ideas into a single world, which caused a number of problems. The primary problem was memory limitation: in one world, I built a maze-like funhouse that led into a dining room which led into a fully stocked grocery store aisle. Each required quite a number of assets and scripts to work, and I found that I quickly hit the 100% limit / maximum capacity.

And then I embraced the idea of a world of worlds in Horizon.

Normally, each world is a self contained space, or at least that’s what I’ve encountered so far while exploring existing Horizon worlds. But what if a world was just a scene from a larger movie, or a track on an album?

I’m working on ten to twelve different worlds right now, each a standalone experience but linked to one another through common characters, themes, and sensibilities. I haven’t decided on an ordering of them, but imagine that you could start in a shooting gallery world, and after achieving a goal take a portal to a graveyard, where you would follow a path and read the headstones. From there, you might find a portal to a working factory, where you attempt to package x number of products before the timer runs out, and then on to the next….